Monday, December 22, 2008


“Success is not final. Failure is never fatal.

It is the courage to continue that counts…….”

These are the words of Sir Winston Churchill.

How true!!!

We often think of success as an end of a struggleful journey or something that’s final. But is there anyone who can completely assure that their success is final?

And FAILURE!! Failure can never be fatal as failure unlike success is never a place where a person wants to land place himself in by choice. Failure never being the final destination of a journey should never be called or referred to as the end.

It is really the courage and ability to continue along the path that’s got you to the place where you are at moment that really counts. Coz it simply widens the possibilities of acquiring the so called ‘SUCCESS’. Also, opening the gates to the memories of people. And this time to stay forever like a WALL that can never be cracked, no matter how many attempts and efforts go into bringing it down.

“I do the very best I know how, the very best I can, and I mean to keep on doing so until the end”.

These are the words from the greatest example of persistence ever i.e Sir ABRAHAM LINCOLN. If anyone wants to learn about the man who didn’t quit, we don’t have to look any further. Lincoln faced failure throughout his life. He lost eight elections, failed twice in business and suffered a nervous breakdown. He didn’t quit and just because he didn’t quit he became the greatest president.

A person who succeeded in his chosen profession having complete faith in the three D’s of Dedication , Discipline and Determination, criticism moved all along the career. For this Great Wall of Indian cricket - RAHUL DRAVID all that mattered was to continuing doing the best he can.

I find it hard to believe that Gundappa Vishwanath has endorsed this team, and I find it harder to digest that Azharuddin has approved of it”.

- KAPIL DEV , The Indian Express , 29 April 1996

This was something he had to face at the very start of his career on his selection to the Indian team. Surprising that such a comment came from the legend who later on was all praises for this decision.

On the same tour Rahul was told that he would be playing if Sanjay Manjrekar failed the fitness test as he was suffering from an ankle injury. Ten minutes before the toss, sandeep Patil went upto and said he would be playing.

I told him that he will be playing. His place lit up. I cannot forget that moment.”


And when Venkatesh Prasad wished him luck , Rahul pointed towards the board in the dressing room that had the names of the greatest achievers in the game and said “ You put your name on the bowlers board, I will put mine on the batsmen’s board.” It was the courage and immense confidence he always had himself that made him achieve this even after being added into the team just as a replacement.

Commitment, Consistency and Class says the wall of honor at the Chinnaswamy Stadium Bangalore built as a tribute to Rahul on crossing the 10000 run mark in both forms of the game. Indeed these are words that describe Rahul Dravid in the true sense.

Ironically now he is in a position where he has to prove himself to the world and the selection committee to gain a place in the team. How fair is it on player who has always been consistently performing for the team? And mind it, its always been for the team. Why is the right to decide when to quit been deprived for a person who has always respected the game and given his 100% in every performance never getting the deserved rewards?

Rahul respects the game, which is why we cricketers respect him. He doesn’t play “games” with the game”.

- Ashok Mankad (Former player)

which is so appropriate .

For thousands of his fans like me worldwide, a team sans RAHUL DRAVID is unimaginable. How can anyone forget his contributions to Indian Cricket in the last 12 years. Taking up wicket keeping full time to have an extra batsman or bowler in the team, being the only one to hit the maximum number of test double centuries, hitting centuries in a row in 4 consecutive test matches, getting that most awaited victory against Australia after 22 years on the Australian soil, toggling along all the positions in the team including opening an innings to the number seven position. Why are these contributions and sacrifices being ignored and made so unnoticed that he has to struggle this hard to find a place in the team.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Navya - Always new........ n now i enter into a complete remote world i.e Writing

Well....First things first....I am a newcomer into the world of blogging....And i must say i am not a big fan of the writer in me.....
Feel this is an ideal place for my odd thoughts to flow down as words...And that's exactly y i am here...